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June 22nd, 2010 by ms.hayek

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Salma Hayek first scorched up stateside cineplexes as the very fuckable border town bookseller who falls for Antonio Banderas’ revenge-driven mariachi in Desperado. Before doing that film, this fiery vixen primarily worked as a telenovela actress for Mexican soap operas. Salma’s unique exotic beauty that is sure to male moviegoers horny comes from her Lebanese and Spanish heritage.

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She followed up Desperado with a number of notable films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Wild Wild West and Frida. She shared onscreen time with equally hot Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz in the bad girl western comedy, Bandidas.

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October 19th, 2008 by ms.hayek

She may have been considered as the first Mexican national to be nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Actress in the movie Frida, but this Latina superstar had us mesmerized for her awesome talent as an actress while the guys get hypnotized and drooling once she gets all sexy and alluring on the bigscreen… and nobody does it better than the lovely Salma Hayek. There’s this certain magic in her that keeps us drawn to her, and the guys should know better since Salma got to flaunt her hot naked body in several of her past movies and you might have been all eyes when she starts to make love with her leading man and doing it as if it were the real thing, then you’d go home and lock yourselves up inside the bathroom and go one-on-one with your little throbbing buddy underneath. Let us re-live those steamy moments by giving you some of the hottest video clips of Salma taken from “Breaking Up”, “Living It Up” and the award-winning “Frida.”

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